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Entrepreneurial Mindset Class Resources

The web site where you will view the video content for the course. The Ice House site is separate from the ICC system and will require a separate login account. The link to the login account is https://icehouse.digitalchalk.com/dc/guest/login.
Shows how to login (above) and find the video lessons.
Course Schedule:  Revised 2/26
Schedule showing due dates and guest entrepreneur schedule.  You may visit the other class at any time.
A weekly lunch in Independence on Mondays from 11:30 to 12:30 where informal entrepreneurial subjects are discussed at 12:00 after networking and eating at 11:30.  Page includes email list sign-up.
An Op/Ed by Greg Pesci in 2011 about the fact that it will be entrepreneurs that lead our way out of recession.
An agreement acknowledging that the student commits to pay the $150 Ice House curriculum fee even after dropping the class.
A model release giving us permission to use images and videos we make of class members for educational and promotional use.
Detailed fee structure used when we say this class is $300 more or less for the 3 credit house.
A guide about the class and assignments.
Angel Learning Management System:
The online learning system ICC used for most online and hybrid courses. We will use it primarily for your grade book.

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