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We'll always be working to develop and provide rich learning opportunities in the form of seminars, articles and coursework through the collaboration between Innovative Business Resource Center and Independence Community College.
Entrepreneurs Brown Bag Lunch Series
The Entrepreneurs Brown Bag Lunches take place nearly every Monday after the initial event on November 7, 2011. The lunches bring together entrepreneurs and those with an entrepreneurial mindset to share ideas. Many times just the act of mixing new and seasoned entrepreneurs in a room leads to good ideas and solutions for the issues we face as small business owners every day.

How Can We Help You? - What Seminars and Services Would You Like
Tell us what you'd like to learn or what we can do to help you learn about your market and possbile future products and services. We've established a possiblity list of seminars and services we can offer to help you learn more about business practices, innovation and your market.

News Releases
As we send news releases to our media outlets, we also post them here for reference.

Coursework Available in Conjuction with IBRC and Independence Community College
Entrepreneurs choose to take a path less traveled. Rather than the uncertain path of choosing one career that may become obsolete, they choose the path of learning to meet the challenges of society and our world by seizing them as opportunities. They choose a path to themselves determine--rather than the "boss"--the best way to satisfy customers in meeting those challenges. The Successful Entrepreneur Program seeks to provide specific learning experiences especially suited for entrepreneurs.

Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Articles
Check this page for articles about business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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