• Entrepreneurial Mindset
    • Entrepreneurs develop a mindset in which they learn to use critical thinking skills to identify and evaluate opportunities and use limited resources to transform opportunities into sustainable successes.
  • Innovation
    • The process of introducing new products and services and creating new ways to serve customers is essential for continued success and growth of all businesses. Continuous innovation becomes an integral part of the business model.
  • Servant Leadership
    • Serving employees by removing barriers to their success provides the best environment in which to build a winning team. We also believe excellent customer service should be the primary goal of the entrepreneur, allowing ample profits and business growth to follow.
  • Character Culture
    • Emphasizing positive character traits as well as technical skills in hiring and rewarding employees leads to a character culture that yields high quality work output and very low employee turnover.

Technical skills such as business planning, accounting, and marketing compliment these primary concepts and round out the knowledge and skills to be successful. The technical training is specifically designed for and relevant to small business.

The association of SEP with the Innovative Business Resource Center (IBRC) allows for continued mentoring and business incubation in conjunction with and/or following the coursework and coaching of the SEP.
We’re pleased to feature these online/hybrid entrepreneurship courses.





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The Successful Entrepreneur Program

Independence Community College
Entrepreneurs choose to take a path less traveled. Rather than the uncertain path of choosing one career that may become obsolete, they choose the path of learning to meet the challenges of society and our world by seizing them as opportunities. They choose a path to themselves determine--rather than the "boss"--the best way to satisfy customers in meeting those challenges.
  The Successful Entrepreneur Program seeks to provide specific learning experiences especially suited for entrepreneurs.

The path is difficult. Success comes from developing an entrepreneurial mindset and a set of knowledge and skills very different than those available through the traditional academic system of majors and degrees. Some of those skills are innate; some are learned through coursework and coaching; most come through life's experience of successes and non-successes. Even though difficult, successful entrepreneurs think its the only way to live

The primary focus of the Successful Entrepreneur Program (SEP) consists of coursework and coaching in four areas:
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Entrepreneurial Mindset Featuring the Ice House Entrepreneurship Curriculum
Successful entrepreneurs have a tacit knowledge developed through their experiences. A knowledge that’s hard for them to explain, but comes out when you interview them. The “Ice House” curriculum seeks to capture the beliefs and assumptions that drives their behaviors. This is accomplished by interviews with more than 300 real-world successful entrepreneurs all over the United States.

Entrepreneurship-A Small Business Approach
Success or failure as an entrepreneur is not a mystery. It is, however, a potent mix of passion, hard work, thoughtful planning, skilled decision-making, and a little bit of luck. Understanding this formula, and ultimately succeeding in small business, is the key learning outcome for Entrepreneurship-A Small Business Approach.

QuickBooks for Small Business
Tracking the financial results and position of the business with current and accurate recordkeeping is essential for owners to manage in today's marketplace. Learn the basics of double entry accounting (without becoming an accountant)through interaction with an online business simulation. This is followed by a thorough introduction to Quick Books.

Small Business Web
Attracting new customers through a pleasing and well organized web site must now be part of everyone's marketing plan. Today's customers want to learn about you and your company, at any time, through your web site.

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